Monday, December 31, 2012

【Tweet】121231 HamCole tweets

Best new year present from HamCole!!!!

  so pretty :)

trans by yuda

Cole:「 uhuhut kekeke was it refreshing? it's hamcole^^ 」

【Tweet】121230 HamCole tweets

trans by yuda

Cole:「christmas present from seungyeon onnie! hihi today i will make it and drink it deliciously.. jealous right ?!!! 」

Ham:「it's a preserved lemon that full of vitamin nicole-ssi ^^ happy new year. you're 23 so it's still long before you really grown up 」

Cole:「kekekeke let's go eat delicious food tomorrow」

Monday, October 1, 2012

【Tweet】121001 HamCole tweets

121001 chuseok night :)

trans &info by yuda 

Cole:「together with sooyun onnie ~~ girls' heart always same when taking selca ... seungyeon onnie too taking pictures using notebook in the next room kekekekekekeke happy chuseok !!!! byebye ~~~ 」

Ham:「haha who prophesied that i'm uploading selca without talking to me? nikoreudamus? hate it hate it 」

*nikoreudamus = Nicole+Nostradamus

Cole:「kekekekekeke will want to upload it when we got pretty one ~~~ kikikikikikiki ~」