Thursday, March 29, 2012

【Tweet】120329 HamCole tweets

2012.03.29 is KARA's debut 5th anniversary

also a Hamcole night lol

HamCole tweeted their memories to each other ^^

trans by yuda

Ham:「Memories keep on popping up.. I love you^^ 

Ham:「070818 Something that I like haha ~ 070818 좋아하는거 ㅎㅎ

Ham:「It will cause a shock if I have abs like now at that time right? I didn’t took care of my body at that time kekekekekeke Ah fresh it’s fresh haha 20y.o wow.. it’s like baby’s age now keke I’m a mom now kekeke let’s sleep! woi~

Cole:「Before I knew it, it’s already 5 years ... I was 17 y.o >_< ... Walking down memory lane ..* Let’s keep on making a lot more memories 

Cole to Ham:「at that time cheese kimchi ramen, ham, and rice for late-night snack kekekekekekekeke choco snack that onnie like.. oh no! 

Ham to Cole :「 you kekekeke at the back seat kekekekekekekekekeke let our mind rest and sleep is not like a reality kekekekekekekeke we used to be like that everyday

Coleto Ham:「keke when onnie spoke English your eyes became serious ..kekekekekekeit was really long time ago .. strawberry smoothie... at dongdaemun kekeke

Cole to Ham:「I’m thinking should I talk about the back seat story or not ... that’s right really slept with mouth opened wide kekekekekekeke also my life with hat kekekekeke

Ham to Cole :「seemingly kekeke people who expecting our tweets like fossil kekeke there are a lot of kamalia keke let’s sleep for a while and talk again later keke sleep sleep! Yoghurt ice cream at the restaurant on the back of dongdaemun was good haha    Note: Seungyeon did write KAMALIA

Cole to Ham:「nyam nyam ㅜㅠㅜ at that time the word I didn’t even know the word “Diet”ㅜㅜ I also don’t know “goal”ㅠㅠ let’s meet in 5 hours (huk) sleep well ^^kekekekeke

Ham :「Ah suddenly I think about kimbab cheonguk.. both of us ate a lot; remember that we didn’t ordered more than 3 portions;; what was it food with ddeokboki type.. was it other kimbab.. or rice bowl.. I want to eat a lot of things.. now stop!

Cole to Ham:「Cheese rabokki..pork cutlet on iron plate that onnie like and at the last surely getting the tune..kekekeke somehow kimbab ... dip it at ddeokboki .. together with egg yolk

Cole:「now I’m really gonna sleep Good night ^^ merong bbyong bbyong 」

trans by yuda