Monday, August 8, 2011

【Fan acc】HamCole @110806 Japan Fan meeting

110806 Japan Fan meeting

Japan kamilia tweeted something about HamCole (thanks gin ^^)

thanks this Japan kamilia  writed the good acc ^^

tweet translation by  on twitter :

In GOGO Summer's last kiss~ Nicole and SY placed their index fingers on their lips and then joined the index fingers to each other's. It was really cute, as they seemed like close friends. (^w^) In Pretty Girl, during her highlight, SY, being mischievous popped out her head from behind Nicole www」

thanks cherrims & meme & tuno for help ^^

I'm hyper when i saw that

HamCole really come back!!!!!!!!!!

ps. but i just wonder it's when GGS? I thought it's when JCL at first keke

we can image that lol

I hope they will do something like this someday ~LOL

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  1. ㅎㅎㅎ ur welcome, han!! ^o^
    i still rmb that day when we chatted n ws like "ahh when will they back to kara4 days when the 2 of them r so closed tgt" and dang , this tweet save our hope ^^