Saturday, July 9, 2011

【Capture】HamCole @ 110626 -110706 Japan programs

KARA appeared in so many Japan programs lately

and happy to see some HamCole moments kekeke

click the pics and see full size

【20110626 Music Japan】

Ham looked at Cole lovingly, actually it's rare, but cole always looks at ham like that way lol

【20110626 Music Lover】

sweet Cole !! good job~~

【20110628 FNS MEZAMASHI】

 so cute!

hold hands ~~hold hands

when they saw food....

【20110630 FNS Sakigake Ongaku Banzuke】

【20110703 Music Lover】 

smile sisters >///<

Ham just wanted to eat!!!!!

【20110703 KARA x Ashida Mana Maru maru Morimori】 

【20110704 Hey!x3】

don't know why the pic make me feel that they were dating but found by paparazzi lol

they don't want to let each other go hahaha

【20110704 Shabekuri 007】

Ham was talking about cole&food
「(For cole,)food is the most important in her life」lol

Cole was shy when Ham said that >///<

【20110706 ヒルナンデス】

looked at each other lol

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  1. i like the pic heyx3 pic that u said they were found by paparazzi,hahah
    ohhh, han,during NTV007, i love seungyeon reaction after she heard cole new japanese words ^^