Saturday, July 16, 2011

【Tweet】110716 Cole-Beige tweets mention Seungyeon

Cole& Beige tweeted to each other , then mentioned Seungyeon
let's see!

Beige uploaded a pic about food , and Cole replied her < yes~food again >

actually Eunjung (Jewelry) also joined the discussion  lol

then they talked about cold noodles(냉면)

cole knows there is another nice restaurant

so Beige asked her the place

and!!! Cole tweeted this

She said Seungyeon knows that restaurant , at Itaewon(이태원)

We all know Ham loves cold noodles so much LOL>

then Beige replied

She suggested that they can go to eat with Seungyeon next time <wow ! good idea ~Beige! ^O^/>

Of course Cole agreed

Cole tweed : 「kekeke okey I see, cold noodles gogossing kekeke」

yeah so maybe HamCole will go to the restaurant with Beige next time!

* special thanks to my 쿠쿠오빠

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