Tuesday, July 26, 2011

【Tweet】110725 HamCole tweets


this is the first time ham tweets to cole!!!!!!!!

and cole replied too~~~

Cole was bitten by a mosquito so she can't sleep , and Ham replied her!

I will update if I find the translation ㅋㅋㅋ

Sunday, July 24, 2011

【Pic & My edits】110724 HamCole (Hara twitter pic)

yeah 0724 ham's birthday

hara tweeted a KARA pic

then you can see HaYeon

but notice that, cole is jealous!!! kekeke

so I made hamcole ver. LOL

just for fun , don't take it seriously ^^

click pic and see full size

Saturday, July 16, 2011

【Tweet】110716 Cole-Beige tweets mention Seungyeon

Cole& Beige tweeted to each other , then mentioned Seungyeon
let's see!

Beige uploaded a pic about food , and Cole replied her < yes~food again >

actually Eunjung (Jewelry) also joined the discussion  lol

then they talked about cold noodles(냉면)

cole knows there is another nice restaurant

so Beige asked her the place

and!!! Cole tweeted this

She said Seungyeon knows that restaurant , at Itaewon(이태원)

We all know Ham loves cold noodles so much LOL>

then Beige replied

She suggested that they can go to eat with Seungyeon next time <wow ! good idea ~Beige! ^O^/>

Of course Cole agreed

Cole tweed : 「kekeke okey I see, cold noodles gogossing kekeke」

yeah so maybe HamCole will go to the restaurant with Beige next time!

* special thanks to my 쿠쿠오빠

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

【Pics】110712 Hamcole @ airport

KARA went to Japan for KBS Music Bank in Tokyo~~

news pics

the phone strap!!!! kekeke ~~~~~~~~

when they went to Tokyo disneyland
they all bought Duffy bear phone strap (in Japan program-110712 Sukkiri)
EiJi paid the money lol

Monday, July 11, 2011

Sunday, July 10, 2011

【My edits】Hamcole sponsor photo

Hamcole sponsor photo
simple edit~just put them together
click the pic and see full size

Saturday, July 9, 2011

【Capture】HamCole @ 110626 -110706 Japan programs

KARA appeared in so many Japan programs lately

and happy to see some HamCole moments kekeke

click the pics and see full size

【20110626 Music Japan】

Ham looked at Cole lovingly, actually it's rare, but cole always looks at ham like that way lol

【20110626 Music Lover】

sweet Cole !! good job~~

【20110628 FNS MEZAMASHI】

 so cute!

hold hands ~~hold hands

when they saw food....

【20110630 FNS Sakigake Ongaku Banzuke】

【20110703 Music Lover】 

smile sisters >///<

Ham just wanted to eat!!!!!

【20110703 KARA x Ashida Mana Maru maru Morimori】 

【20110704 Hey!x3】

don't know why the pic make me feel that they were dating but found by paparazzi lol

they don't want to let each other go hahaha

【20110704 Shabekuri 007】

Ham was talking about cole&food
「(For cole,)food is the most important in her life」lol

Cole was shy when Ham said that >///<

【20110706 ヒルナンデス】

looked at each other lol

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

【Video】110705 HamCole @ Kuki six launch/press conference

Kuki six launch/press conference news by ystar

check 1:27、1:57、2:00(Ham couldn't stop eating)、2:08
little hamcole moments

cr: ystarchannel3@youtube.com

【My edits】HamCole Wallpaper

HamCole Wallpaper 1600x1067
click the pic and see full size

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

【My edits】Hamcole GGS photo

Hamcole GGS yellow ver.

【My edits】Hamcole @ 「only star」 magazine

I think it can be a wallpaper size lol
now it is my wallpaper ^^
click the pic and see full size!

【Pics】110705 HamCole @ Kuki six launch/press conference

yeah~our HamCole come back!

long time no see their interaction like this >///<

cole fed ham the cookies that made by her

and obviously ham really likes " Kuki six" , kekeke

check out today news pics

Ham was jealous xDD